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Tactical Dog Gear – The Zero Bark Thirty Shirt

Tactical Dog Gear - The Zero Bark Thirty shirt is named after the movie Zero Dark Thirty and features Conan, the dog which killed the ISIS leader Baghdadi.

Kurdish marksman hits an ISIS fuel tanker in Sinjar, Iraq

As a fuel tanker parks up to resupply an ISIS area, the Kurdish sniper takes a perfectly aims shot into the fuel tank and detonates the fuel truck.
Kataib Hezbollah

Insurgent Combat Footage From Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq

This combat footage from Kataib Hezbollah provides an insight into the POV of an insurgent fighter during the 2003 Iraq War.

Slovakian Weapons Found in ISIS Raid in Dagestan

In May 2020, a Spetsnaz raid in Dagestan killed 6 ISIS militants. They were found to be armed with a common terrorist accessory- Slovakian weapons.

ASh-12.7 – The 50. Caliber Assault Rifle from Russia

The ASh-12.7 is a Russian assault rifle in a bullpup layout, with a stamped steel receiver and a polymer stock. The ASh-12.7 fires 12.7×55mm ammunition.

Bulletproof Windshield of MRAP hit by an RPG in Iraq

All MRAP vehicles are fitted with a bulletproof windshield. In Iraq, one was put to the ultimate test when an ISIS militant fired an RPG at an MRAP convoy.

Iraqi Fighter Shot During Intense Firefight With ISIS

This footage was filmed by the Iraqi Army in combat with ISIS. One Iraqi soldier takes an assault rifle round to the neck as bullets hit their position.

Palestinian Policeman Aims MPi KM-72 at an Israeli Soldier

This photo was taken sometime during the Second Intifada that took place in 2000. It shows a Palestinian police officer pointing his...