This combat footage took place in the countryside of the Philippines. It shows an attempted ambush on a Philippine Army checkpoint by the New People’s Army (NPA) which is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The Communist ambush fails catastrophically as they come under sustained fire from the Philippine Army. In the chaos, one of the communist insurgents fires a round from his Kalashnikov that ricochets from the bar of the truck and kills his friend beside him wielding the M1919. The footage was recovered from a dead insurgent inside the truck used in the attack.

A report was later issued by Philippine Army Colonel Mike Logico, the immediate CO of the 66th infantry battalion about the attack:

“An encounter took place between 4 Philippine Army Soldiers manning a checkpoint vs 20 NPAs riding a truck. This happened in my unit, the 66th Infantry Battalion in the town of Mawab in Compostela Valley province (now Davao De Oro). I was not yet the commander of the battalion at that time. The battalion was forewarned of the NPA about their plan to attack the checkpoint the night before, so the detachment manning it were replaced by battle-hardened veterans but maintained the 4-man strength so as not to arouse any suspicion that may prompt the insurgents to call off their plan. Two Daewoo K3 Squad Automatic Weapons were aimed at the entrance, where they waited for the enemy riding a dump truck to arrive. Nearby, an Army V-150 was on standby and arrived in the area within minutes. 6 NPAs died, most of those who escaped were mortally wounded. This is the price of their misadventure.”